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Broker's - London Dry Gin / 47% / 700mL

Broker's London Dry Gin / 47% / 700mL

Broker's Gin is made in a 200-year-old distillery in the heart of England using a traditional copper pot-still. The recipe is as old as the distillery.

A quadruple-distilled pure grain spirit made from English wheat is redistilled with ten traditional botanicals, creating a gin of outstanding flavour and smoothness.

Broker's Gin does not follow the modern trend of using weird and wonderful spirits and botanicals. There are no oddball ingredients in Broker's Gin. They believe their forefathers did an unbeatable job perfecting gin recipes over many hundreds of years.

The distillery where Broker's Gin is made is located near Birmingham, England and is over 200 years old. There had previously been a brewery on the site, but this was converted to a distillery at a time when gin-making became more profitable than beer-making.

The distillery uses only traditional pot stills. Continuous distillation using column stills is more efficient and is used by the major brands, but pot stills are better for extracting maximum flavour from the botanicals in a traditional hand-crafted fashion.

The distillery has a mini-still, which is used for making small batches of gin from different recipes. The recipe for Broker’s Gin is 200 years old and was chosen after taste-testing against several newer recipes. Often the old ones are the best ones.

The copper pot still used for producing Broker's Gin was manufactured by John Dore & Co, long recognised as the finest still-maker in the world.

The base spirit for Broker's Gin is quadruple-distilled pure grain spirit made from English wheat.The flavour is provided by ten natural botanicals, the primary one of which is juniper berries - as in all gins. The botanicals are steeped - soaked - in the base spirit in the still for 24 hours. This is the first part of the flavour-infusion process. The still is then fired up for the final, fifth distillation, which completes the process.

The hatch cover on the still is dated 1960, but we are told by the distillery that this was a replacement and the still itself dates back to the early 20th century.

There is an underground spring beneath the distillery, which provides a source of soft, pure water

Dried botanicals are sourced from all over the world and shipped to the distillery in sacks.
The botanicals used in Broker's Gin and their sources are:

Juniper berries - Bulgaria or Macedonia
Coriander seed - Bulgaria
Orris root - Italy
Nutmeg - India
Cassia bark - China
Cinnamon - Madagascar
Liquorice - Sri Lanka
Orange peel - Spain
Lemon peel - Spain
Angelica root - Belgium or France

After the distillation process has been completed, the used botanicals are discarded.
Looking into the skip, individual botanicals can be identified. The round, purple berries are juniper. The small round, brown seeds are coriander. The large yellow lumps are lemon and orange peel. The stick-like pieces are cassia bark. Most of the other botanicals are powders, which disappear to the bottom.

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