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Nosferatu - Blood Orange Gin / 700mL

Nosferatu Blood Orange Gin / 700mL

Nosferatu was inspired by a love of rich gins, Pimms and Campari.

A delicious, viscous gin, punching above its weight, with vanilla and spice, a distinctive, sweet orange tang and a hint of bitterness on the finish. Like no other.?

Nosferatu was inspired by a love of rich gins, Pimms and Campari.

It is a classic gin made with Albanian Juniper berries.

Their fifth-generation distiller, from South Carolina, uses a three-stage orange infusion process, unique to Nosferatu, that combines orange peel, blood oranges and navel oranges.

There are ten botanicals used throughout the double distillation; one, as far as is known, being unique to Nosferatu, toasted fenugreek, which gives the gin its delicious toffee, vanilla notes.

The blood orange and Davidson plums give the gin its light touch of bitterness.

Nosferatu Blood Orange Gin is made in a modified copper pot still with a 'bubble T' column, which we pack with fresh navel oranges.

Distillation takes 27 hours and leaves the navel oranges stripped of colour and flavour.

Nosferatu call them the 'white corpse'.

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Blood Orange Gin / 700mL

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